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We have experienced committee members to help residents in their district understand the political process.  Find out how our committee can help you get involved.

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THE 12th Ward Democratic Committee

Bringing quality leadership 


the People


To Increase opportunities for our community to Improve!

The 12th Ward Democratic Committee is a Nonprofit

Organization consisting of 32 residents of the 12th

Ward. We volunteer our time to help improve living

conditions of the 12th Ward of the City of Pittsburgh

in Allegheny County

Our Mission is to promote fair, just, and equitable

distribution of resources and services to improve the

quality of life in our communities.  We carry out our 

mission by mobilizing, educating and politically

engaging residents in the electoral process, to

produce informed voters, and to increase voter

turnout in elections.

Treatment with a level of fairness in the distribution

of services, benefits, and equal representation that

improves the quality of life are valued priorities of

the community.  Therefore, It is critical that

candidates displays commitments to

evenhandedness, by ensuring that no community

is treated with preference over another. Our entire

ward wants to thrive and prosper in all aspects and

in all neighborhoods that make up the 12th Ward.

Our community is dedicated to accomplishing our

goals through a unified body, because we can't

accomplish anything divided.  Our "12th Ward

Oath of Office," is to be loyal to our mission.  

Politics can intimidate and overwhelm anyone.

Candidates can sometimes seem very charming

and make many promises –  However, many

tend to forget you after they are elected.  Don't

worry!  We're here to help you find answers to

your questions and solutions to your problems.  

We are your Democratic Committee and together

we will hold elected officials accountable to

deliver fair and equal services throughout the 

Wards.  Contact us today to join us to help

promote a healthier community.